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US, Other Holdouts Should Ban the Weapon Now

(Washington, DC) – Cuba acceded to the Convention on Cluster Munitions on April 6, 2016, following through on a pledge it made in September 2015, Human Rights Watch said today. Prior to that pledge, Cuba had been…
Ambassador Rodolfo Reyes of Cuba deposits the country’s instrument of accession to the Convention on Cluster Munitions with the United Nations in New York on April 6, 2016.

Release Political Prisoners and Dismantle Repressive Laws

(New York) - The European Parliament's award of its Sakharov prize for human rights to Guillermo Fariñas, the Cuban dissident who held a hunger strike to call for the release of other political prisoners, is a welcome step, Human Rights Watch said today.…

Obama Should Replace Failed Embargo With Effective Multilateral Policy

(Washington, DC) - Raúl Castro's government has locked up scores of people for exercising their fundamental freedoms and allowed scores more political prisoners arrested during Fidel Castro's rule to languish in detention, Human Rights Watch says in a…

International Community Should Condemn Government Attacks

(Washington, DC) – Cuban authorities should cease all attacks on human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers and civic activists, Human Rights Watch said today. The international community should condemn attacks on those who peacefully exercise their…

Major Obstacles Remain for Human Rights

Despite Fidel Castro’s resignation today, Cuba’s abusive legal and institutional mechanisms continue to deprive Cubans of their basic rights, Human Rights Watch said today. The counterproductive US embargo policy continues to give the Cuban government a…