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What Shareholders Should Ask about Company’s Track Record on Human Rights

To British American Tobacco Shareholders: We write on behalf of the nongovernmental organizations Human Rights Watch and Swedwatch to draw your attention to serious human rights abuses we have documented in British American Tobacco’s (BAT)…

On the occasion of his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Putin

Dear Minister Reinfeldt, We write to urge you to use your upcoming meeting with Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to raise concern about the persisting hostility that continues to characterize the human rights climate in Russia, including in…

Letter to Members of Parliament

In February 2007, the Canadian Supreme Court struck down provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as unconstitutional. The provisions permitted the use of secret evidence against foreign national security suspects subjected to "security…

Joint letter to Tony Blair from Human Rights Watch and Liberty

Human Rights Watch and Liberty are deeply concerned about the British government’s stated intention to seek diplomatic assurances against torture in order to deport terrorism suspects to their home countries or to third countries where they would be at…

HRW Letter to the European Union

The November E.U.-Russia summit comes at a critical moment in the E.U.-Russia relationship. The European Union will have to reconsider its current policy toward Russia. It must determine on what terms to engage with Russia and what role human rights…