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Dear Secretary-General Scotland, We write to you with deep concern over your recent statements praising Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Prime Minister Hasina has presided over an increasingly authoritarian, near- one-party state where the state…
20 November 2019
 BBC Panorama / Sunday Times investigation 
 We write to you following the BBC Panorama and Sunday Times joint investigation which found evidence the Ministry of Defence and some elements within the Armed Forces have…
12 November 2019
 Dear [Party Leader],
 I am writing to you on behalf of Human Rights Watch, an independent non-governmental organization that works on human rights around the world.
Dear Foreign Secretary,
 Congratulations on your new appointment.
 Human Rights Watch is an independent, international human rights organisation that works to document and expose human rights violations in some 90 countries around the…
Dear Prime Minister,
 As the UK Director of Human Rights Watch, I urge you to make human rights a central focus of your government’s domestic and foreign policy over the coming Parliament.  Below we have identified seven priority areas of human…
To British American Tobacco Shareholders:
 We write on behalf of the nongovernmental organizations Human Rights Watch and Swedwatch to draw your attention to serious human rights abuses we have documented in British American Tobacco’s (BAT)…
Dear Minister
 Re: UK opt out of Council Decisions 2002/494/JHA and 2003/335/JHA on the European Network of Contact Points for investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes
 We write to express our…
 Prime Minister
 David Cameron
 10 Downing Street
 November 4th, 2015
 Dear Prime Minister,
 We write to you ahead of President Abdel Fattah al-…
Pauline Hayes
 Deputy Director, Western Asia and Stabilization Division
 Department for International Development
 United Kingdom
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