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November 2015

Vietnam’s National Assembly is considering a revised penal code and code of criminal procedure at its current session, which will close on November 28.   Article 108 (originally article 78) – ­ High treason 1. Any…

Vietnam: Sharp Backsliding on Religious Freedom

  Annex I: VBC Report on the Crackdown on Bat Nha Monastery Doc. No.418/VT/BTS, Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Lam Dong - 6 Oct 2009 BUDDHIST CHURCH VIET NAM (BCVN) SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM DISTRICT BUDDHIST CHURCH OF LAM DONG INDEPENDENCE -…
The two policemen hustled Joshua roughly into their patrol car. At the station in Tegucigalpa, Joshua and others endured beatings from officers armed with batons. “They also tried to push us down the stairs,” Joshua said. “They called us culeros (faggots…