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Global Commitment to Accountability Should Be Model for Other Crises

(New York) – United Nations Security Council members should use an informal meeting on accountability for serious crimes in Ukraine to highlight the importance of impartial justice and coordination of a wide range of international accountability…
Women watch and embrace each other as bodies are exhumed from a mass grave by the authorities

Video Appears to Show Fighters Shooting Russian POWs

(New York) – Ukraine should ensure an effective investigation into alleged abuse by Ukrainian fighters of Russian prisoners of war (POWs), Human Rights Watch said today. If confirmed, the beating and shooting of captured combatants in their legs would…

Use September 7 Meeting to Address Arbitrary Detentions, Disappearances, Abductions

(Beirut) – The Astana working group on detentions and abductions in the Syrian conflict should take immediate steps to address the Syrian government’s arbitrary detentions, torture of detainees, and enforced disappearances, 11 human…
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lock hands during a group photo in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. © 2018 Tolga Bozoglu/Pool Photo via AP

Risk of Torture, Ill-Treatment

  UPDATE: On August 4, the European Court of Human Rights issued a preliminary injunction ordering Russia not to deport Khodoberdi Nurmatov to Uzbekistan, until the court can review his case.   (Moscow) – An Uzbek…
Ali Feruz at Basmanny district court in Moscow waiting for his hearing in the evening of August 1, 2017.

Victims of Punitive Round-Ups Still in Danger

(New York) – Police in Chechnya rounded up, beat, and humiliated dozens of gay or bisexual men in an apparent effort to purge them from Chechen society, Human Rights Watch confirmed in a new report today. Russian federal authorities…
A victim of the purge telling his story in a safe house in central Russia in April 2017.

New Case Addresses Justice Need, but ICC Resources Need Boost

(The Hague) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) has authorized an investigation into crimes committed during the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia, Human Rights Watch said today. ICC judges on January 27, 2016, approved the…

Warring Parties’ International Backers Should Prioritize Civilian Protection

(New York) – Syrian armed groups are endangering civilians, including women, and detaining soldiers by placing them in metal cages throughout Eastern Ghouta. The armed groups say they are doing that to deter indiscriminate government attacks on the area…
Still from video showing caged civilians in Eastern Ghouta, Syria. Courtesy of Sham News Network Youtube.

Victims of 2008 South Ossetia Conflict Await Justice

(Geneva) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s request for an investigation in Georgia may open a window to justice for international crimes during the 2008 conflict in the South Ossetia region, Human Rights Watch said today. A…

Provide Urgent Aid, Halt Flow of Arms to Abusive Forces, Support ICC Referral

(New York) – The discussion about Syria when G20 leaders meet in St. Petersburg on September 5 and 6, 2013, should address the member countries’ abysmal response to the Syrian crisis as a whole over the past two years. While G20 leaders are unlikely to…

Additional Action Needed on Kidnapping, Attacks on Civilians

(New York) – The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) sent a clear signal that targeting civilians violates the laws of war. The coalition’s statement on December 19, 2012, condemned attacks on civilians, regardless of their nationality. The coalition should…

Abide by European Court Rulings Prohibiting Returns to Torture

(Moscow) – Russia’s Supreme Court should uphold international law and stop the extradition of an Uzbek national to Uzbekistan, where he would be at serious risk of torture, Human Rights Watch said today. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear an appeal on…

Stand up for Persecuted Human Rights Activists; Shut Guantanamo

(New York) - The award of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama should encourage him to apply his stated principles to both foreign and domestic human rights policy, Human Rights Watch said today. The Nobel committee awarded the prize…

European Court Has Issued 104 Rulings Against Moscow Over Killings, Other Attacks

(Moscow) - The number of European Court of Human Rights judgments holding Russia responsible for serious violations of human rights in Chechnya has surpassed 100, but the government has failed to take appropriate steps to remedy them, Human Rights Watch,…

Urge Easing Restrictions on Civil Society, Accountability for Abuses in Chechnya

(Moscow) - European Union leaders should build on President Dmitri Medvedev's recently expressed readiness for human rights reform by pushing for concrete and urgently needed changes at the upcoming EU-Russia summit, Human Rights Watch said today in a…

Russian Authorities Severely Beat an Ex-Guantanamo Detainee

(New York) - The US Defense Department's claim that a former Guantanamo detainee is a "recidivist" to terrorism appears to be based on a confession obtained by Russian authorities through torture, Human Rights Watch said today.  According to media…

Former President’s Trial Likely to Advance Justice, Rule of Law

(Lima) - Today's conviction of Alberto Fujimori, former president of Peru, is a major advance for human rights accountability in the region and beyond, Human Rights Watch said today. A three-judge panel of the Peruvian Supreme Court found Fujimori guilty…

Former Peruvian President’s Trial for Human Rights Abuses Is Coming to a Close

The trial of former President Alberto Fujimori of Peru for human rights abuses has been conducted in a fair and thorough manner, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch released an eight-page question-and-answer document concerning the case and…

Markelov Sought Justice for Abuses in Chechnya

(Moscow) - Russian authorities should immediately investigate the killing of Stanislav Markelov, a prominent Russian human rights lawyer, and bring his killers to justice, Human Rights Watch said today. Markelov was shot dead on the afternoon of January…

Health Deteriorates During Lengthy Russian Detention

(Moscow, December 2, 2008) - The health of a former Guantanamo detainee has declined alarmingly in a Russian detention facility, and he should be given immediate access to an independent medical examination and appropriate treatment, Human Rights Watch…
(Washington, DC) – The 35-year sentence for grave human rights abuses of the former head of Peru’s intelligence service is an important step for justice, Human Rights Watch said today. Gen. Julio Salazar Monroe, former head of the National Intelligence…
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