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Iraq’s New Parliament Should Prioritize Passage of Domestic Violence Law

The horrific case of an Iraqi woman apparently murdered at home should prompt Iraq’s new parliament, once formed, to finally pass a draft domestic violence law which has been pending since 2015. According to Iraqi media and…
Demonstrators in Baghdad call International Women's Day a "day of mourning" in protest of Iraq's new draft Jaafari Personal Status Law.

Prosecute ISIS Members for Specific Crimes

On March 29, Iraqi security forces in Baghdad apprehended an alleged Islamic State (ISIS) member and freed a 15-year-old Yezidi girl he had held captive for years. Her freedom is a relief, but hopefully the case will jumpstart the…
Displaced Yezidis take shelter on Mount Sinjar. August 14, 2014.

Freed Yezidi Captives Need Truth and Justice, Too

On Tuesday this week, two days before International Women’s Day and almost four years after ISIS attacks led to the deaths and captivity of thousands of Yezidis in Sinjar, northern Iraq, Iraq’s government has reportedly ordered IQD 2 million (US$1,700) be…

Foreign Defendants Receive Harsh Penalties for Non-Violent Acts

Six months after about 1,400 foreign women and children surrendered with Islamic State (ISIS) fighters to Iraqi security forces, Iraq’s courts are sentencing the women to life in prison and even to death for non-violent crimes. …
A view of a chamber in Baghdad’s Central Criminal Court, 2005.
In Dohuk, posters remind passing drivers that on August 3 last year, the extremist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS) launched its large-scale attack on Yezidi communities around Sinjar mountain. The group killed thousands of Yezidi civilians, and…
Human Rights Watch released a report today that extensively documents abuses of women in Iraq’s criminal justice system - illegal arrests, detention, extensive torture, and ill-treatment, including sexual abuse, during interrogations. We showed how Iraq’s…