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President Bachelet Fulfil Promise to Push for Bill

In January, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced the start of an open public discussion on same-sex marriage aimed at producing a “satisfactory bill on marriage equality, recognizing the same rights for everyone.” It was, she said, “not only a…
Chile's government house is illuminated with rainbow colours to mark International Day Against Homophobia in Santiago, Chile, May 17, 2016.
Chile’s chamber of deputies decided to side with women and their human rights yesterday, and approved a bill to partly decriminalize abortion. The new law would permit women to have safe, legal abortions if they are victims of rape, if their lives are in…
Demonstrators raie their thumbs in approval during a rally inside congress in favor of a draft law by the government, which seeks to ease the country's strict abortion ban, in Valparaiso, Chile March 17, 2016. The banner reads: "Chile makes history today,
Chile’s House of Representatives approved a “civil union” bill this week granting legal rights to same-sex couples. The bill creates the Pacto de Unión Civil (PUC), a new legal status for couples that live together in committed relationships, regardless…