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Landmark Case Highlights ‘Sodomy’ Law’s Impact on Women

In a major judgment issued this week, a United Nations treaty body called on Sri Lanka’s government to repeal its law criminalizing adult, consensual same-sex conduct – including between women. The case was brought under the Convention on the…
Activists march under a large rainbow flag

Climate Crisis Requires Inclusive Heat Action, Planning, and Response

Recent climate change-exacerbated heatwaves in the western Canadian province of British Columbia have left hundreds dead. According to British Columbia’s chief coroner, of the 719 sudden deaths between June 25 and July 1, many were “older individuals…
A person enters the Hillcrest Community Centre, where they can cool off during the extreme hot weather in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 30, 2021.

Teaching of Gender Identity Questioned in Schools Across the Province

Delegates to a gathering of the governing political party of Canada’s largest province passed a resolution dismissing gender identity theory as an “unscientific ‘liberal ideology,’” an ugly contrast to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s…
Revellers hold a giant pride flag during the "WorldPride" gay pride Parade in Toronto, June 29, 2014.

Becomes 103rd State Party to the International Treaty

Sri Lanka has become the 103rd country to join the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, and the first South Asian country to ban these indiscriminate weapons. Sri Lanka acceded to the convention on March 1, 2018, less than three months…
A mine field in Sri Lanka is marked with Danger! Mines! signs and caution tape.

Appoint Strong Experts, Press All Parties to Cooperate

Bombing and shelling of civilians. Denial of access to food and medicine. Landmines and cluster bombs. Torture and abduction. Child soldiers. For more than two years, international, regional, and Yemeni human rights groups called on the…
Saudi-led coalition aircraft struck three apartment buildings in Sanaa on August 25, 2017, killing at least 16 civilians, including seven children, and wounding another 17, including eight children. After an international outcry, the coalition admitted to

New Guidelines Promote Respect for Diversity

For the first time, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) published guidelines on screening asylum seekers who fled their countries for reasons involving sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The guidelines…
Revellers hold a giant pride flag during the "WorldPride" gay pride Parade in Toronto, June 29, 2014.
“I feel like a citizen,”said Valerie Scott, a former sex worker, after the Ontario Court of Appeals ruled last year that Canadian laws criminalizing aspects of sex work put sex workers at greater risk of violence and harm. Sexually marginalized people…
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