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Governments, Aid Agencies Should Ensure Protection and Assistance

The impact of war on older people has never been more visible than in the conflict in Ukraine. Images of older people unable to reach the safety of basements, being carried over makeshift bridges or walking through body-strewn streets haunt our…
An older woman using a wheelchair is evacuated from a hospice

People with Disabilities Need to Evacuate Safely

“We stopped counting days and nights. It’s been a blur.” Like many in Kharkiv, Vladlena Salnykova, the chief doctor of Kharkiv’s Children’s Neurological Hospital No. 5 pauses before answering questions about the timeline of horrific events that…
A view of the central square following shelling of the City Hall building in Kharkiv, Ukraine. © March 1, 2022

Allow Safe Evacuation of Civilians at Risk

Oksana’s voice breaks a bit on the phone: “My 11-month-old daughter became ill on the first day of the war.” Every hour since has been a battle to keep Oksana’s daughter Mariia alive. What began with an intestinal infection has since turned into a…
Women and their children sit in the basement of a maternity hospital converted into a medical ward and used as a bomb shelter in Mariupol, Ukraine
“Is this what they call a ceasefire?” a woman asked me as workers cleaned debris from a small grocery store in central Donetsk in eastern Ukraine that had been destroyed in a recent rocket attack. Since September 5, there has supposedly been a…