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Forcing Parental Involvement in Abortion Violates Rights

A law in the US state of Illinois that forces people under 18 to involve an adult family member in their abortion decision is failing some of the state’s young people and violating their human rights. In a new joint report with the American Civil…
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Progress and Challenges in State Response to HIV

Mississippi has one of the nation’s highest rates of HIV infection and deaths from AIDS. In March 2011, Human Rights Watch published Rights at Risk: State Response to HIV in Mississippi, which found the state’s response to HIV conflicted with human…

Human Rights and HIV in the Southern United States

  I.    Summary II.  Introduction III. Human Rights in the South           Poverty           Lack of Access to Health Care           Failure to Provide Comprehensive Sex and HIV/AIDS Education in Schools           Criminalization of HIV Exposure…
The management of infectious disease in prisons is a human rights imperative as well as a matter of public health. Given the high level of HIV infections among those who enter prison, making condoms readily accessible to inmates is an effective and…