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Inaccessible Polls, Lack of Information May Prevent Thousands from Voting

As Lebanese citizens get ready to vote in parliamentary elections on May 15, questions remain whether those with disabilities will be able to safely cast their ballots. An estimated 10 to 15 percent of Lebanon’s population have a disability, and…

15 Million Deaths While Only 15 Percent Vaccinated in Low-Income Countries

Nearly 15 million people have died either directly or indirectly from Covid-19 in the past two years, new data from the World Health Organization shows. The devastation is likely even worse given that Covid-19 deaths have been largely undercounted by…
Activists hold a candlelight vigil

Legislators Should Adopt New Model to Support People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Last week, Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly passed a troublesome bill to create a National Act on Mental Health. The bill follows an outdated biomedical model to treat people who might be experiencing a mental health crisis or have mental health…
plenary session in the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly

14-Days-of-Action Campaign Targets Use of Provincial Jails

Human rights organizations and advocates across the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) are launching a 14-Days-of-Action campaign to urge the provincial government to cancel its immigration detention contract with the Canada Border Services…

Older Advocates Urge Governments to Enshrine Rights Protections in New Treaty

The United Nations Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) held its annual meeting on older people’s rights in April. During the meeting, the group highlighted how low income in older age can limit older people’s enjoyment of their rights, including…
An older woman eats alone in her home

Governments, Aid Agencies Should Ensure Protection and Assistance

The impact of war on older people has never been more visible than in the conflict in Ukraine. Images of older people unable to reach the safety of basements, being carried over makeshift bridges or walking through body-strewn streets haunt our…
An older woman using a wheelchair is evacuated from a hospice

Victims Champion Accountability for the Crimes

Yesterday, the trial against Gambian citizen Bai L., accused of crimes against humanity for his alleged role in the “death squad” created by former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, opened in a court in the German city of Celle. Outside, on the…
A group of people standing on steps hold a sign

Governments Should Ensure Access for Those Struggling with Trauma

“If your mental health is not good, how are you supposed to move forward?”, said Rafi (not his real name), a young Afghan man who was evacuated to France a few months ago. After fleeing Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, all evacuees we…

Right to Make Decisions Should Not Turn on ‘Capacity’

For the second time in less than six months, a prominent member of the majority party in the Mexican Senate has introduced a bill to amend the country’s civil law framework with provisions that would further restrict the rights of people with disabilities…
A man seated at a table speaks into a microphone

Campaign Calls for New International Convention to Combat Ageism, Discrimination

This month, older people across the world united in a Global Rally organized by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People, a group comprised of 397 member organizations, including Human Rights Watch, as part of the #AgeWithRights campaign.…
A man and woman pose in front of the United Nations

Anti-Balaka Leader to Face Justice at ICC

On March 14, Chad surrendered a former military coordinator of a group of anti-balaka militia in the Central African Republic, Maxime Mokom, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Mokom had fled to Chad after having taken part in a rebel coalition…
A man sits facing the camera

Activists Demand Visibility, Right to Political Participation

Break down stereotypes – that’s what a group of people with intellectual disabilities in Mexico and a former political candidate from Peru are trying to do. Bryan Russell, who twice ran for Congress in his home country, Peru, before becoming Human…
Collage showing disability rights advocates

Government Should Fund Shelters to Make Them Accessible

Last week, thousands of women in Mexico took to the streets to commemorate International Women’s Day – including many women with disabilities. Seeking to be visible sisters of the movement, they are demanding inclusion in services provided for women,…
A group of women with disabilities hold a sign

European Courts Offer Survivors a Path Toward Accountability

Today marks eleven years since the peaceful uprising in Syria descended into a brutal armed conflict, and comprehensive justice for countless abuses committed during the crisis remains elusive. While many avenues for prosecuting war crimes and…
3 women hold framed photographs

Transitional Justice Plans Should Include Prosecutions for Grave Crimes

The Congolese human rights minister launched national consultations on a new transitional justice initiative that, if implemented, would help the Democratic Republic of Congo emerge from conflict, address grave human rights violations, and institute…
Women demonstrate for peace in Beni, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, April 23, 2021.

Two Years in, Vaccine Divide Prolongs the Pandemic

This piece is the fourth in a series marking the two year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic. Find more of our work documenting the global response to the coronavirus here. As we enter another year of this wretched pandemic that has killed…
Women in protective face masks stand in a long line

Human Rights Act Consultation Exercise Fails Fully to Include People with Disabilities

There is a mantra in the disability rights community: “nothing about us without us.” In a recent consultation about changing human rights laws – including those protecting people with disabilities – the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice is doing…
Protesters in wheelchairs hold signs

Universal Jurisdiction Allows Accountability for Jammeh-Era Abuses

Germany has forged ahead with efforts to bring justice for grave crimes with the indictment of a Gambian national accused of being a former member of a Gambian “death squad.” Bai L. has been accused of crimes against humanity allegedly committed…
 Jungulers paramilitary group

People with Disabilities Need to Evacuate Safely

“We stopped counting days and nights. It’s been a blur.” Like many in Kharkiv, Vladlena Salnykova, the chief doctor of Kharkiv’s Children’s Neurological Hospital No. 5 pauses before answering questions about the timeline of horrific events that…
A view of the central square following shelling of the City Hall building in Kharkiv, Ukraine. © March 1, 2022

International Obligations Undermined

When Singapore ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2013, it committed to protect the rights of the more than quarter-million people with disabilities in the city-state. However, the case of Nagaenthran…
A group of people holding protest signs
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