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Open Letter to DFID Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell

Dear Mr. Mitchell, I write in response to your September 21, 2011 appearance on BBC’s Newsnight programme in which you discussed Britain’s development aid to Ethiopia and allegations of the misuse of that assistance for political purposes. Human Rights…

Letter to Kenichi Ohashi, Ethiopia Country Director for the World Bank

Dear Mr. Ohashi, I am writing to respond to the October 21, 2010 statement of the Development Assistance Group (DAG) in Addis Ababa regarding Human Rights Watch's recent report, Development without Freedom: How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia.…
Thomas Amolo Director of Political Affairs  Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Nairobi, Kenya  Dear Mr. Amolo, Human Rights Watch's research has found that the governments of Kenya, Ethiopia, the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, and the United…

Joint letter to Tony Blair from Human Rights Watch and Liberty

Human Rights Watch and Liberty are deeply concerned about the British government’s stated intention to seek diplomatic assurances against torture in order to deport terrorism suspects to their home countries or to third countries where they would be at…
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