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Delivered by Steve Goose, Executive Director

Ten years into its life, the Convention on Cluster Munitions has made and is making a real difference, a real difference in eradicating these indiscriminate weapons and a real difference in saving lives and promoting sustainable development. Yet, there…

Delivered by Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch for the Cluster Munition Coalition

It is a rare and special time when our community comes together to celebrate its successes, such as the progress in eradicating US cluster bombs, which brings us here today. So thank you to Open Society Foundations and Lora Lumpe for convening…

During its Consideration of the Third to Fifth Periodic Reports of the United States of America CAT 53rd Session

I. Summary   Human Rights Watch would like to express its appreciation to the United Nations Committee against Torture (the “Committee”) for this opportunity to provide information on the compliance of the…