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World Report Chapter
In 2020 you should be watching for… who’s trying to shut down the Internet. From Caracas to Khartoum, protesters are leveraging the internet to organize online and stand up for their rights offline. In response, in the…
World Report Chapter
Corruption, poverty, and repression continue to plague Equatorial Guinea under President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has been in power since 1979, making him the world’s longest serving non-royal head of state. Obiang won another term in…
Despite Equatorial Guinea's oil wealth, it has failed to provide essential services to many of its citizens.
World Report Chapter
Nepal has the third highest rate of child marriage in Asia, with 37 percent of girls marrying before age 18, and 10 percent marrying before age 15, despite the fact that the minimum age of marriage is 20 under Nepali law. Child marriages across…
Ganga M., 17, sits inside her home in Kailali, Nepal. Ganga had an arranged marriage at the age of 16 and was five months pregnant when this photograph was taken. Her husband works as a cook in India.
World Report Chapter
Child marriage around the world is associated with many harmful consequences. Girls face health dangers associated with early pregnancy, lower educational achievement, a higher incidence of spousal violence, and an increased likelihood of…
Bangladesh: Child Marriage
World Report Chapter
Sharon J.’s marriage at age 14 in Tanzania dashed her hopes for the future: “My dream was to study to be a journalist. Until today, when I watch news or listen to the radio and someone is reading news, it causes me a lot of pain because I wish…
Thirteen-year-old Sifola in the home she shares with her husband and in-laws in Bangladesh. Sifola’s parents, struggling with poverty, took her out of school and arranged for her marriage so that the money saved could pay for her brothers’ schooling. © 20
World Report Chapter
Some of the most powerful and sophisticated actors on the world stage are companies, not governments. In 2011 alone, oil and gas behemoth ExxonMobil generated revenues of US$467 billion—the size of Norway’s entire economy. Walmart, the world…
Private security personnel employed by the world’s largest gold mining company, Barrick Gold, have been implicated in alleged gang rapes and other violent abuses in Papua New Guinea.
World Report Chapter
Political violence continues to destabilize Chad and the human rights climate remains poor. More than 400,000 civilians live in refugee and displaced persons camps along Chad's eastern border with Sudan, at risk of rights abuses, including child…