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In 2020, you should be watching for… growing international rejection of “killer robots”—weapons that would kill without meaningful human control—and increasing calls for a new treaty to preemptively ban them. Allowing machines to select and target human…
Attacks that took place between November 17-December 13, 2016.
 The most recent chlorine attacks took place during a final push by Syrian government forces and its allies to wrest control of eastern Aleppo from armed opposition groups. After a…
World Report Chapter
L’Évêché displacement camp in Kaga Bandoro, Central African Republic, on September 29, 2016, two weeks before the Seleka attack.
World Report Chapter
Late in the evening of September 1, 2014, an Iraqi air force plane dropped a bomb on a school in Al-Alam near Tikrit in northern Iraq, which had recently fallen under the control of the extremist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS). Dozens of…