- Human rights groups around the world call for Azerbaijan's defeat candidacy

- Azerbaijani civil society says vote no on Azerbaijan

- NGOs Welcome Eastern European States' Plans to Hold Competitive Elections for UN Rights Council

Police detain man during unauthorized protest calling for freedom of the press in Baku.
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The resolution establishing the Human Rights Council requires Azerbaijan to “uphold the highest standards” of human rights and “fully cooperate” with the Council in order to be elected. Azerbaijan, however, fails to uphold the highest standards of human rights.

When it was elected to the Council in 2006, Azerbaijan pledged its “full[] commit[ment] to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.” During Azerbaijan’s three year term on the Council, however, it has harassed and intimidated journalists and human rights defenders, tortured and ill-treated people in police custody, and detained political prisoners. The human rights situation in the country has deteriorated, and the government has demonstrated that it is unwilling to address and prevent human rights abuses.

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Record of Abuses
  • Intimidation and violence against independent and opposition media
  • Attacks on non-governmental organizations and
    human rights defenders
  • Repression of political opposition
  • Torture and inhuman treatment in state custody
  • Unwillingness to prevent and seek accountability for human rights abuses
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Record of non-cooperation

As a Council member, Azerbaijan is required to “fully cooperate with the Council.”

  • Azerbaijan has not issued a standing invitation to Council experts.
  • In the past four years, Azerbaijan has only responded to 10 of the 26 letters of allegation and urgent appeal sent by the Council’s experts. It also responded to four of the twelve questionnaires sent by Council experts within the deadlines.
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