July 13, 2010

The “Ten-Dollar Talib” and Women’s Rights

Afghan Women and the Risks of Reintegration and Reconciliation

Key Recommendations
I. Background
Taliban Abuses Against Women and Girls 1996-2001
II. Life Today for Women and Girls in Taliban-Controlled Areas
Attacks and Threats Against Women Working Outside the Home
Night Letters
Loss of Employment
Attacks on Girls’ Education
Silencing Women in Politics
III. Reintegration, Reconciliation, and Rights
Background: From Targets to Talks
The Rise of the “Ten-Dollar Talib”
The Swat Valley Deal
Ensuring Women’s Participation
Weakness of Constitutional Guarantees for Women’s Rights in Reconciliation and Reintegration
Additional Guarantees Needed to Protect Women’s Rights
No Peace Without Justice
Risks of Rewarding Abusive Insurgents with Political Office
Reconciliation and the Amnesty Law..
Reconciliation and War Criminals
IV. Recommendations
Reintegration and Reconciliation
Women’s Representation
Attacks on Women in Public Life
Attacks on Girls’ Access to Education
Transitional Justice
Governance Reform