IX. Acknowledgments

This report was written by Alison Parker, deputy director of the US Program, with significant assistance from Jen Daskal, senior counterterrorism counsel, Alice Farmer, Neier Fellow in the US Program, Bill Frelick, refugee policy director, Jeff Graham, intern to the US Program, and Megan McLemore, researcher in the HIV/AIDS program. It was edited by David Fathi, US program director, Joanne Mariner, director, counterterrorism program, Brian Root, statistical and methodological consultant, Clive Baldwin, senior legal advisor, and Joe Saunders, deputy program director. Data research was provided by Ashoka Mukpo, associate in the US Program, and production assistance was provided by Ashoka Mukpo, Andrea Holley, and Fitzroy Hepkins.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the Soros Foundation, JEHT Foundation, and Atlantic Philanthropies for their generous support to the research upon which this report is based, and for their support to the work of the US Program. We would also like to thank John Schaefer for his assistance with data collection.