"We Need a Law for Liberation": Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights in a Changing Turkey

“We Need a Law for Liberation”

Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights in a Changing Turkey

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Glossary of Key Terms

I.    Summary

Visibility and Violence

Key Recommendations


II.   Background:  Imposing Gender: Identities and Histories

III.  Living in Fear: Harassment and Abuses against Gay Men

A. Cem’s Story

B. Intolerance and Impunity

C. Emre’s Story

D. Police Abuse: “The Problem is You!”

IV.  Silence and Violence: The Situations of Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Girls

A. Cuci and Gia’s Story

B. The Power of the Family

C. Overcoming Solitude: Public Harassment and the Dangers of Solidarity

D. Organizing: Politics and Women’s Sexualities

V.   A Social Hell: State Violence, Abuse, and Harassment against Transgender People

A. Hulya’s Story

B. “The Police Should Protect Us, Not Beat Us”

C. The Balyoz Team

D. Fines, Arbitrary Detention, and Abuse

E. Client Violence, Gangs, and Impunity

VI.  Discrimination and Abuse in Other Spheres

A. The Military

B. Psychiatry and the Medical Profession

C. “Public Morals”: Restrictions on Association

D. “Obscenity” and Free Discussion of Sexuality: Restrictions on Expression

VII. Specific Recommendations


Appendix I: International Law: Relevant International Legal Precedents Relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Appendix II: Letter to the Commissioner of Istanbul Security Directorate

Appendix III: Letter to the Superintendent of the Beyoğlu District Security Directorate


May 2008   ISBN: 1-56432-316-1