This report was researched and written by Tanya Lokshina, researcher in the Europe and Central Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. Additional research was done by Anna Neistat, senior researcher in the Emergencies Division, and Alexander Petrov, senior advisor in the Europe and Central Asia Division. Jane Buchanan, researcher in the Europe and Central Asia Division, assisted with legal research. Essential research support was provided by Kathryn Koonce, associate in the Europe and Central Asia Division, and Tanya Cooper, field associate in Human Rights Watch’s Russia office. Research on international human rights standards was provided by Andrea Algard.

The report was edited by Rachel Denber, deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia Division, and Ian Gorvin, senior program officer at Human Rights Watch. Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor for Human Rights Watch, also reviewed the report and provided legal analysis. Veronika Szente Goldston, advocacy director of the Europe and Central Asia Division, reviewed the recommendations.  Anna Lopriore, Grace Choi, Andrea Holley, and Fitzroy Hepkins provided production support. 

The report was translated into Russian by Igor Gerbich.

The map of Ingushetia was designed by John Emerson.

Human Rights Watch expresses its sincere gratitude to all who shared their stories with us. We hope that this report will contribute to ending human rights abuses in the region and will bring those responsible for extra-judicial killings, disappearances, arbitrary detentions, and torture to justice. 

We are deeply thankful to invaluable support and contributions of the Memorial Human Rights Center and to Lev Levinson, expert of Human Rights Institute, a Moscow-based NGO, for his invaluable help with analysis of Russian counterterrorism law.

We also acknowledge the openness of Ingushetia administration to discussing a range of issues relevant to the topic of the report.

HRW gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the individual and foundations donors who have made our work possible.