This report was written by Tamara Taraciuk, Mexico researcher, and Daniel Wilkinson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Americas Division, based on research conducted by Tamara Taraciuk.  Jorge Contesse, a consultant with the Americas Division, researched and co-wrote chapter IV.  The report was edited by Jose Miguel Vivanco, executive director of the Americas Division, Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor at Human Rights Watch, Joe Saunders, deputy program director at Human Rights Watch, Marianne Mollman, advocacy director of the Women’s Rights Division, and Rebecca Schleifer, researcher of the HIV/AIDS program.  Americas Division associates Danielle Wainer, Joanna Edwards, and Paola Adriazola contributed to research logistics and production.  Americas Division interns Kate Flatley, India Geronimo, Anne Golding, Andrea Onate-Madrazo, Miriam Ruiz Mendoza, and Joyce Shim provided valuable research support.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the numerous organizations and individuals that contributed to this report. We are especially grateful for the critical insights and advice we received from Miguel Pulido and Graciela Rodriguez from Fundar, Miguel Sarre and Sandra Serrano from ITAM University, Sergio Aguayo from El Colegio de Mexico, Emilio Alvarez Icaza and Gabriela Aspuru from the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, Edgar Cortez and Michel Maza from the Red Nacional de Organismos Civiles de Derechos Humanos “Todos los Derechos para Todas y Todos,” and Ana Luisa Ligouri.  We also received valuable input from Mariclaire Acosta from the Organization of American States, Pedro Morales, Fabian Sanchez from the Comision Mexicana de Defensa y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos, Fabienne Venet and Elba Coria from Sin Fronteras, Gloria Ramirez from the Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, Claudia Ordoñez from Tlachinollan, John Ackerman from UNAM University, Luis Adrian Quiroz from DVVIMSS, and Alejandro Madrazo.  Human Rights Watch takes full responsibility for any errors or omissions in this report. 

We would like to thank the current and former CNDH officials we interviewed; as well as Jose Luis Soberanes Fernandez, CNDH president, Javier Moctezuma Barragan, CNDH executive secretary, and Ariadne Garcia Hernandez and Alberto Piedra Gutierrez from the executive secretariat of the CNDH for organizing our meetings with the CNDH staff. 

We are deeply grateful to the numerous victims and relatives of victims of human rights abuses who shared information regarding their cases with us.

Finally, Human Rights Watch would like to thank the Ford Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the John Merck Fund and the General Service Foundation for their generous funding of our work in Mexico.