Courting History: The Landmark International Criminal Court’s First Years

Courting History

The Landmark International Criminal Court’s First Years

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ICC Organizational Chart


A. Introduction

B. Methodology

I. Chambers

A. Overview

B. The Presidency: Coordination key to court’s success

C. Pre-trial division: Uncharted waters

D. Maintaining judicial dialogue key to meeting challenges ahead

II. Office of the Prosecutor

A. Overview

B. The Office of the Prosecutor’s selection of situations

C. OTP investigations and the selection of cases for trial

D. The ICC’s impact in the country situations under investigation

III. Defense

A. Overview

B. Institutional support for the defense

C. Ensuring quality representation for indigent defendants: The ICC’s legal aid system

D. Monitoring the challenges ahead

IV. Field Engagement

A. Overview

B. Field offices: Key to ICC contact with affected communities

C. In situ proceedings

D. High-level visits by ICC officials to the field

V. Outreach and Communications

A. Overview

B. Evolution of the ICC’s approach to outreach and communications

C. Implementing outreach in communities most affected: Lessons learned

VI. Victim and Witness Protection and Support

A. Overview

B. Responsibility for protection and support shared across court

C. Steps required to strengthen protection and support programs

VII. The Role of Victims in ICC Proceedings

A. Overview

B. The legal regime of victims’ participation

C. Rights of victims in proceedings outside of the participation regime

D. Implementing the victims’ participation regime in practice

E. Reparations and the Trust Fund for Victims

VIII. Cooperation and Support

A. Overview

B. The Assembly of States Parties

C. Judicial cooperation and logistical support

D. Diplomatic and political support

Summary of Key Recommendations


Office of the Prosecutor


Field Engagement


Victim and Witness Protection and Support

Victims’ Participation


Cooperation and Support



July 2008    ISBN: 1-56432-358-7