Judith Sunderland, researcher with the Europe and Central Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, wrote this report based on research conducted in France between July 2007 and February 2008. The report was edited by Ben Ward, associate director in the Europe and Central Asia Division. Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor, provided legal review, and Ian Gorvin, senior program officer, provided program review. The report was also reviewed by Joanne Mariner, director of the Terrorism and Counterterrorism Program, and Veronika Szente Goldston, advocacy director in the Europe and Central Asia Division. Delphine Dogot, intern in the Paris office of Human Rights Watch, provided invaluable research assistance. Production assistance was provided by Iwona Zielinska, associate in the Europe and Central Asia Division; Andrea Holley, publications director; and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager.

Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the assistance provided by the Collectif contre l’Islamophobie, the Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, and the Syndicat de la Magistrature. Antoine Garapon, executive director of the Institut des Hauts Etudes sur la Justice, provided invaluable advice. Many defense lawyers gave generously of their limited time to discuss their clients’ cases and provide insight on questions of law. We appreciate the willingness of judges and government officials to speak with us in the course of this research. Finally, we acknowledge the individuals arrested in connection with terrorism charges and their family members who agreed to speak with us and share their experiences.

Human Rights Watch is grateful for the generous financial support of the Third Millennium Foundation.