This report was written by Joanne Mariner, terrorism and counterterrorism program director at Human Rights Watch. It is based on research conducted by Mariner and John Sifton, senior terrorism and counterterrorism researcher. Additional research assistance was provided by Ali Dayan Hasan, South Asia researcher, and Matthew Goldfeder, an intern with the terrorism and counterterrorism program.

The report was reviewed and edited by Jen Daskal, US advocacy director; James Ross, senior legal advisor, and Joseph Saunders, deputy program director of Human Rights Watch.

Additional assistance was provided by Human Rights Watch associates Leeam Azulay-Yagev, Thodleen Dessources, and Tarek Radwan. Veronica Matushaj, creative director and photo editor, assisted with photography. Andrea Holley, publications director, and Grace Choi, publications specialist, prepared the report for publication. Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager extraordinaire, handled the production of the report.

Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Atlantic Philanthropies, as well as several individual donors who made this project possible.