This report was researched by Karyn Kaplan, director of policy and advocacy, and Paisan Suwannawong, director, of the Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group, and Rebecca Schleifer, advocate with Human Rights Watch’s HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Program, and written by Karyn Kaplan and Rebecca Schleifer. The report was reviewed by Joseph Amon, director of the HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Program; staff of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division; Aisling Reidy, legal advisor; and Ian Gorvin, consultant to the Program Office of Human Rights Watch. Clara Presler, Andrea Holley, Veronica Matushaj, Anna Lopriore, Grace Choi, and Fitzroy Hepkins provided production assistance.  Rafael Jimenez designed the cover.  The report was translated into Thai by Pipob Udomittipong and Anusorn Quamman.

A number of experts and nongovernmental organizations in Thailand and elsewhere assisted with this research. Human Rights Watch and TTAG gratefully acknowledge the Thai Drug Users’ Network, and staff members and peer outreach workers with Raks Thai Foundation in Bangkok and Samut Prakhan, Population Services International in Chiang Mai, Alden House in Bangkok, Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group in Bangkok, Tracy Swan, hepatitis C/HIV coinfection project director, Treatment Action Group, and Madeleine O’Hare, consultant to TTAG, for their assistance in this work.

Most of all, we thank the drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS who were courageous enough to share their experiences with us.