Appendix III. Letter to LTTE

November 28, 2006

S.P. Tamilselvan 


LTTE Political Wing 


Sri Lanka 

Sent Via Facsimile to 94 2122 83959

Dear Mr. Tamilselvan,

I am writing with deep concern about continuing abductions of children for use by armed forces in Sri Lanka.  Recently we have criticized the Karuna group for the abduction of boys and young men into their forces and the complicity of the Sri Lankan military and police.  And the recruitment of children by the LTTE for use in armed conflict has long been a concern.   We have repeatedly and forcefully condemned such serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. 

Last month Human Rights Watch conducted an independent investigation of abductions of children for use by armed groups in Sri Lanka.  We will be issuing a report based on information collected during the trip.  Before we issue this report, we wish to hear your views.  Specifically, we would like to know what steps the LTTE has taken since the publication of the LTTE Peace Secretariat report, “Children and Armed Conflict in the  Northeastern Part of the Island of Sri Lanka,” in August 2006. How many children have been released from the LTTE since then and returned to their families?  What steps have been taken to ensure that the LTTE will not recruit children in the future?  What steps has the LTTE taken to discipline LTTE members who recruit children into the LTTE?

Thank you for your responses to the above, which if received by December 12 will be taken into consideration in the preparation of our report.  We also stand ready to engage in dialogue with you about these and other important human rights concerns.  So long as armed conflict in Sri Lanka continues, we are dedicated to taking steps that will help reduce and minimize civilian harm.


Brad Adams

Director Asia Division

Human Rights Watch