This report is based on a four-week fact-finding mission to Sri Lanka in October 2006 conducted by Fred Abrahams, senior emergencies researcher, Olivier Bercault, emergencies consultant, and Andrew Kendle, consultant to the Asia division.  Fred Abrahams wrote the report together with Jo Becker, advocacy director of the children’s rights division.

Ian Gorvin, consultant to the program office at Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams, executive director of the Asia division, and James Ross, senior legal advisor, edited the report. Dominique Chambless, associate for the Asia division, helped format the report. Production assistance was provided by Fitzroy Hepkins, Andrea Holley, and Grace Choi.

Human Rights Watch thanks Cordaid for supporting this project.

Human Rights Watch especially acknowledges the Sri Lankan human rights activists who helped immeasurably with this report.  Many people working with aid agencies in Sri Lanka also proved an invaluable resource.

Above all, thanks go to the Sri Lankan parents with abducted children who dedicated time—at great personal risk—to provide accounts of their plight.  This report is dedicated to the hope of their children’s speedy return.