VII. Acknowledgments

This report was written by Bede Sheppard, Leonard H. Sandler Fellow in the Asia division, and A. Lin Neumann, a consultant to Human Rights Watch, based on research conducted by the authors in September and October 2006.

Sophie Richardson, deputy director of the Asia Division, edited the report. James Ross, senior legal advisor for Human Rights Watch, provided legal review. Program review was done by Andrew Mawson, deputy program director of Human Rights Watch. Dominique Chambless and Jonathan Cohen, associates for the Asia Division, provided administrative and technical assistance. Fitzroy Hepkins, Andrea Holley, and Grace Choi provided production assistance to the report.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the victims, families, and eyewitnesses who agreed to talk to us for this report. We are indebted to the many non-governmental organizations and individuals who generously assisted us in the course of our research and often provided comments and feed-back on our work.

Thanks are also due to interns Tracy Appleton and Vincent Levy for their research assistance, and to Elena Semenova, for volunteering her GIS mapping services.