This report was researched and written by Jaskaran Kaur and Sukhman Dhami, co-directors of Ensaaf. The report was edited by Meenakshi Ganguly, senior researcher in the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, and Brad Adams, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division. Jasmine Marwaha, program associate at Ensaaf, provided additional review and editing. Human Rights Watch legal review was done by James Ross, Legal director; program review by Joe Saunders, deputy program director. Report production was coordinated by Andrea Holley.

Ensaaf would like to thank the following people for their generous assistance: Paramjit Kaur Khalra and Sardar Mohinder Singh of the Association of Families of the Disappeared in Punjab; human rights attorney Rajvinder S. Bains; and Ram Narayan Kumar, Nitya Ramakrishan and Trideep Pais of the Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab. We also thank the journalists, lawyers, and individuals who provided invaluable assistance and logistical support. Above all we would like to express our gratitude to the families of the “disappeared” and extrajudically executed in Punjab whose remarkable courage, honesty, and leadership we hope will one day end impunity and achieve justice in India for mass state crimes.  

Ensaaf gratefully acknowledges the support of Echoing Green.