This report was researched and written by Human Rights Watch staff and consultants, based on more than 100 in-depth interviews with eyewitnesses to the events described.

The report was edited by Brad Adams, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division; David Mathieson, Burma consultant for the Asia division; James Ross, director of the Legal and Policy office; and Joseph Saunders, deputy director of the Program office of Human Rights Watch.

Production assistance was provided by Dominique Chambless, associate in the Asia division; Andrea Holley, publications director; Grace Choi, publications specialist; Jim Murphy, online editor; and Amha Mogus, web coordinator for Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch specially thanks the Burmese men and women whom we interviewed for this report and who assisted us in our investigations. For security reasons, none can be named here. For their safety and the safety of their relatives, all eyewitnesses in this report have been assigned pseudonyms. No actual names of witnesses are used.

Finally, we acknowledge with appreciation the generous support of The New York Community Trust’s Ledges Fund and other donors.