This report was written by researchers in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch in close collaboration with the Angolan organization SOS Habitat.

The report was edited by Georgette Gagnon, deputy director of the Africa Division and Steve Kass, special counsel to the Africa Division; review was carried out by Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor, and Andrew Mawson, deputy program director. At SOS Habitat, the report was reviewed by Luiz Araujo, director of the organization. Production coordination was provided by Hannah Vaughan-Lee and Anna Gressel, associates in the Africa Division, and by Andrea Holley, publications director. Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager, made possible the production of this report. Miguel Maia, Rita Vitorino, and Rosario Dias Diogo provided assistance for the Portuguese translation.   

We would like to thank all evictees who agreed to speak to us in Luanda, the Free Hands Association and, in particular, the following staff of SOS Habitat: Andre Augusto, Rafael Morais, Vitoria da Costa, Manuel Pinto, Mateus Damiao, Alberto Sivi, Pimentel Pacheco, Eva Pedro, and Caetano da Costa.

Human Rights Watch also expresses its appreciation to the Angolan ambassador to Brussels, Toko Serrao, and the minister for urban planning and environment, Sita Jose, for agreeing to meet and share information with us. 

Finally we would like to express our gratitude to NOVIB for funding this research.