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To the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  • Sponsor federal legislation that expressly bars any federal, state or local government institution from discriminating against non-indigenes with respect to any matter not directly related to traditional leadership institutions or other purely cultural matters.   Consider passing a constitutional amendment along these lines if this would help overcome hurdles to ending discrimination against non-indigenes.
  • Mount legal challenges to state and local practices that discriminate against non-indigenes in ways that contravene the Nigerian Constitution and Nigeria’s obligations under international law.
  • Sponsor a broad public education campaign focused on the rights that go with Nigerian citizenship and the need for an end to discrimination against non-indigenes throughout Nigeria.
  • Work with all federal government institutions to abandon all reference to the concept of indigeneity in the implementation of hiring and admissions quotas and other matters related to the realization of the federal character principle.

To all State Governments in Nigeria

  • Reverse, eliminate and outlaw state government laws and policies that deny non-indigenes equal access to educational opportunities, scholarships, employment and all other benefits open to state residents.  Replace indigeneity with fair residence requirements.
  • Actively disseminate and enforce these changes in federal, state and local indigeneity policies.  Include as part of this effort a public education campaign focused on the rights accorded to all Nigerians by the Nigerian Constitution and international human rights law.

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