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X. Acknowledgements

This report is based on a three-week research mission conducted to Jordan and the Iraqi border during April and May 2006 by Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies Director at Human Rights Watch, Bill Frelick, Refugee Director at Human Rights Watch, and Christoph Wilcke, Jordan and Saudi Arabia researcher at Human Rights Watch. The report was written by Peter Bouckaert, and reviewed by Bill Frelick, Christoph Wilcke, Sarah Leah Whitson, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa division of Human Rights Watch, James Ross, Senior Legal Advisor, and Ian Gorvin, consultant to the Program Division.  Human Rights Watch thanks the staff of UNHCR in Jordan and Iraq for their cooperation with our research mission. This report was prepared for production by Assef Ashraf and Tarek Radwan, associates for the Middle East and North Africa Division, Leeam Azulay-Yagev and Thodleen Dessources, associates for the Program division, Andrea Holley, manager of outreach and publications, and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager.

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