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XIV. Acknowledgments

This report was written by Nehal Bhuta, Arthur Helton Fellow with the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch, and Jürgen Schurr, consultant for the International Justice Program. The report was researched by Jürgen Schurr and Géraldine Mattioli, Advocate with the International Justice Program. Additional research assistance was provided by Kim Roosen and Joni Pegram, interns with the Brussels office of Human Rights Watch. Richard Dicker, Director of the International Justice Program and Géraldine Mattioli edited the report. Wilder Tayler, legal and policy director, conducted legal review and Ian Gorvin, consultant in the Program Office, conducted program review. Hannah Gaertner, Associate with the International Justice Program, and Amber Lewis, intern with the International Justice Program, prepared the report for publication.

The International Justice Program would like to thank the JEHT Foundation for its overall support of the program and the additional specific support for this report. We would also like to express appreciation to the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for its contribution to the program. The program is very grateful to the many individuals—judges, victims’ lawyers, defense lawyers, prosecutors, police officers and investigators, and government officials—and NGOs that provided the information for this report.

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