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X. Acknowledgements

This report was researched and written by Alison Parker, senior researcher in the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch. Jamie Fellner, director of the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch, was the principal editor of the report and project supervisor. James Ross, senior legal advisor, Joseph Saunders, deputy program director, and Mike Bochenek, deputy director of the Children's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch provided program, legal, and policy reviews. Miranda Johnson, intern to the U.S. Program, assisted with research for the international human rights law section, and Keramet Reiter, the U.S. Program associate, proofread and prepared the report for publication.

This report reflects the contributions of many people and organizations. We wish to express our deep appreciation to the individuals serving life without parole sentences in Colorado, their parents, and their attorneys for sharing their experiences with us.

Human Rights Watch would also like to thank the Pendulum Foundation of Denver, Colorado for their invaluable input to this project. We are also grateful to the Colorado Department of Corrections for facilitating our research and to the several correctional officials, prosecutors, and defense attorneys who so graciously contributed their expertise and insight to this report.

Human Rights Watch also thanks the Open Society Institute and Peter B. Lewis for their contributions to the U.S. Program at Human Rights Watch that made this report possible.

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