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This report was researched and written by Jonathan Cohen, researcher in the HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Program, and Tony Tate, researcher in the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch.  The report was reviewed by Lois Whitman, executive director of the Children’s Rights Division; Rebecca Schleifer, researcher with the HIV/AIDS Program; Janet Walsh, deputy director of the Women’s Rights Division; Scott Long, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Project; James Ross, senior legal advisor; and Iain Levine, program director of Human Rights Watch.  We are grateful to Joanne Csete, executive director of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, and Helen Epstein for their helpful comments.  Jennifer Nagle, Veronica Matushaj, Andrea Holley, and Fitzroy Hepkins provided production assistance.

Human Rights Watch extends its gratitude to the young people in Uganda who shared their stories and experiences with us.  We also thank the many teachers, school administrators, youth outreach workers, and service providers who spoke with us.  Without them this report would not have been possible.

Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the willingness of the offices of the president and first lady, the ministries of health and education, the Uganda AIDS Commission, and the Uganda Human Rights Commission to share their views with us for this report.   Among the dozens of nongovernmental organizations, service providers and religious leaders who contributed to our field research, we extend particular thanks to the Naguru Teenage Centre, Uganda Youth Development Link, AIDS Information Center, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), Africa Youth Alliance, the Uganda Youth Anti-Aids Society, Save the Children, National Youth Organization for Development, the Kabarole Research Centre, and the Lyamabwa Youth Center.

We recognize with appreciation the funding provided for our work by the Oak Foundation and the Independence Foundation.

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