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This report is based on field research carried out in Serbia in July 2004, January 2005, and July 2005. The report was researched and written by Bogdan Ivanisevic, Human Rights Watch researcher on the former Yugoslavia. The report was edited by Benjamin Ward, special counsel in the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch, James Ross, senior legal advisor for Human Rights Watch, and Widney Brown, deputy program director for Human Rights Watch. Veronika Szente Goldston, advocacy director in the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch, helped formulate the research issues and report recommendations. Production assistance was provided by Victoria Elman, associate in the Europe and Central Asia division; Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager; Andrea Holley, publications director; and Veronica Matushaj, photo editor and associate director of creative services.

Human Rights Watch is grateful to all those who provided information for this report, particularly members of ethnic and religious minorities who were the victims of violence and other crimes, representatives of minority civic associations and Serbian human rights groups, and members of the Serbian judiciary.

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