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to belt, bash – to hit, beat up

buai – betel nut mixed with lime and mustard stick that when chewed, produces copious, bright red saliva and a mild stimulant effect

to change your face – to beat so badly that the face is disfigured

five-kina police – police who can be bribed

line-up – sex act involving multiple males having sex with one person, typically absent consent (see “pack rape”)

mobile squads – special police units with paramilitary training responsible for suppressing public disorder but used more broadly, known for especially violent tactics

men who have sex with men – term used particularly by people working in the field of HIV/AIDS to describe males who engage in sexual behavior with other males, but do not necessarily identify as “gay,” “homosexual,” or “bisexual”

pack rape – gang rape

panel beating – to beat from head to toe

raskol – popular term used to describe members of criminal gangs

remand – pretrial detention

reserve and auxiliary police – police designed to supplement regular police officers; reserve and auxiliary police receive less training and paythan regular officers

snake bail – a bribe

task force – a special police unit formed by a police station commander

wantok – pidgin term referring to a relative, near or distant, to whom one feels allegiance or obligation; literally, those who speak the same language

wantrouble – pidgin term referring to a wantok with whom one gets into trouble; member of the same band of delinquents

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