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XIII. Acknowledgements

This report was researched and written by Sonya Maldar, researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch.  It was edited by Carina Tertsakian and Corinne Dufka, researchers in the Africa Division; Georgette Gagnon, Deputy Director of the Africa Division; Michael Bochenek, counsel to the Children’s Rights Division; and Iain Levine, Program director.

Human Rights Watch wishes to express its deep gratitude to the many victims of torture and ill-treatment who were willing to testify about their experiences. Their names are not mentioned in this report for their own security.  

We also wish to thank the individuals and organizations who assisted us with the research, especially Access to Justice; Brian Gray; Naseer Kura, formerly of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) in Kano; Okey Nwanguma of the CLO in Enugu; Ernest Ogbozor of Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action; and Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda of the Network for Justice.

Human Rights Watch wishes to thank the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for funding its work on Nigeria.

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