A Face and a Name
Civilian Victims of Insurgent Groups in Iraq

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I. Summary

II. Recommendations

III. Insurgent Groups in Iraq

IV. Attacks on Ethnic and Religious Groups

V. Attacks on Civilians Working for Foreign Governments

VI. Attacks on Government Officials and Politicians

VII. Attacks on Civilians Applying for the Iraqi Security Forces

VIII. Attacks on Humanitarian Organizations and the U.N.

IX. Attacks on Media

X. Attacks on Intellectuals and Professionals

XI. Attacks on Women

XII. Abduction and Execution of Non-Iraqi Civilians

XIII. Unlawful Attacks on Government Security Forces

XIV. Violations by U.S. Forces

XV. Violations by the Iraqi Government

XVI. Legal Standards and the Conflict in Iraq

Appendix A: Major Attacks with Civilian Deaths by Insurgent Groups in Iraq


October 2005   Vol. 17, No. 9(E)