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The National Conference on Higher Education

The Strategic Plan to Reform the Organization of Higher Education

February 13-14, 2000

Project 1           Preparation of new legislation for higher education

Project 2           Preparation of a new organizational map for higher education

Project 3           Development and rearrangement of colleges of education and teacher preparation

Project 4           Creation of a national center for the development of technologies and

                        teaching aides and the development of systems and testing techniques

Project 5           Complete overhaul for curricula and training courses

Project 6           Development of processes for enrollment in higher education

Project 7           Improvement of libraries, sources of information, and educational


Project 8           Improvement of higher and mid-level institutes

Project 9           Evaluation and development of systems and programs and technologies

                        for “open education” and new modes of higher education

Project 10          Intensification of IT use and development of systems for decision-

                        making processes

Project 11          Rearrangement of scientific departments and planning of vocational


Project 12          Creation of the national center for the creation and development of

                        faculty affairs

Project 13          Development of higher education systems and programs

Project 14          Support and development of systems and methods for scientific


Project 15          Modernization of administration of higher education

Project 16          Creation of the national center for the development of administrative

                        leadership in higher education

Project 17          Intensification of bonds between institutes of higher education in the

                        sectors of industry

Project 18          Establishment of a center for the monitoring and integration of higher

                        education graduates into the work force

Project 19          Development of scientific cooperation and exchange between Egyptian

                        institutes of higher education and others abroad as well as the utilization

                        of Egyptian scientists abroad

Project 20          Cultural, artistic, athletic, and social development of the student body

Project 21          Development of mechanisms to cater to the gifted and accelerated


Project 22          Support of programs in project 21 in higher education and the creation

                        of a roadmap for them

Project 23          Development of multiple additional sources for the financing of higher


Project 24          Creation of a national system for quality control and accountability

Project 25          Creation of an “equivalence” system for degrees from institutes of higher education

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