Black Hole: 
The Fate of Islamists Rendered to Egypt

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HRW's work on Renditions and Diplomatic Assurances

I. Summary

II. Torture in Egypt and the Prohibition Against Involuntary Return

III. Who are the Jihadists?

IV. The Role of the United States

V. Bad Precedent: The 1995 and 1998 Renditions

VI. Muhammad al-Zawahiri and Hussain al-Zawahiri

VII. From Stockholm to Cairo: Ahmad `Agiza and Muhammad Al-Zari`

VIII. Cairo to Kabul to Guantanamo: the `Abd al-Salam al-Hila case

IX. The Egypt-Yemen “Exchange Renditions”: The Abduction of Gen.  Ahmad Salem `Ubaid

X. Trade-Off: The Rendition to Egypt of Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, `Issam Shu`aib, Khalifa Bidaiwi al-Sayyid al-Badawi, Ali`Abd al-Rahim, `Uthman al-Samman, and `Abd al-`Aziz Musa Dawud al-Gamal

XI. Recommendations


Appendix: Known and Reported Renditions to Egypt 1994-2004 (pdf file - 9 pages, 105 Kb)


May 2005   Vol.17, No. 5(E)