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This report was researched and written by Juliane Kippenberg, NGO Liaison in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch. Additional research was provided by Anneke van Woudenberg, Senior DRC Researcher, Karen Stauss, DRC Researcher, and Pascal Kambale, Counsel in the International Justice Program. The report was edited by Alison Des Forges, Senior Advisor in the Africa Division. It was reviewed by Tony Tate, Africa Researcher in the Children’s Rights Division, LaShawn Jefferson, Director of the Women’s Rights Division, James Ross, Senior Legal Advisor, and Widney Brown, Deputy Program Director. Lizzie Parsons and Andrea Holley provided production assistance.

We would like to thank the victims who agreed to speak to us about their experiences. We would also like to thank Congolese and international non-governmental organizations that assisted us in the research and shared their views. In particular we would like to thank those who co-organized consultations on justice and sexual violence with us, namely La Coalition contre les Violences Sexuelles, Initiative Congolaise pour la Justice, et la Paix and Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Féminines.

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