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Survey, Distributed in 1998 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan among Chairmen of Mahalla Committees 1165

  1. Number and addresses of uninhabited privatized apartments.
  2. List of residents often visited by people with no registration. Report on measures taken regarding such residents.
  3. Information on individuals of 16 to 32 years of age not living in the city; list their occupation, and their sources of financial support.
  4. List of names and addresses of individuals involved in retail import, who travel [for this purpose] to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran.
  5. List of names and addresses of individuals who bring commodities from abroad and sell them.
  6. List of names and addresses of individuals who encourage or force women and minors to pray namaz.1166
  7. List of individuals who pray namazin unauthorized places in the city.
  8. Identify residents and their family members who have connections to Wahhabis; list their occupation, workplace, educational institutions of their children, sources of income.
  9. Provide information on unemployed individuals with secondary education. Record information about their families and sources of income.
  10. Information on Wahhabis who have served a prison sentence and on their families, their occupation and source of income.
  11. Take under special consideration those who have a beard or previously had a beard.
  12. List of married individuals who, in accordance with the nikokh custom, have an additional wife.
  13. List of names and addresses of individuals who use their apartments as gambling places.
  14. List names and addresses of individuals who use their apartments for prostitution.
  15. Identify Wahhabi family members who are overeighteen years old but have not served in the army.
  16. Information on girls who were married before the age of sixteen.
  17. List of individuals in the mahalla, who are considered “authoritative,” “leaders,” or “unruly”

1165 Provided to Human Rights Watch electronically by Memorial, June 2002. The name of the Fergana Valley city in which this document was obtained is withheld.

1166 As noted elsewhere in this report, namaz is the observation of the five daily prayers in Islam.

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March 2004