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This report was researched and written by Jemera Rone, Human Rights Watch Africa division, and researched and edited by Julianne Kippenberg, NGO coordinator, Africa division. It was edited by Bronwen Manby, deputy director of the Africa division. Further editing was done by Iain Levine, program director, and legal review was provided by Wilder Tayler, Legal and Policy Director. Contributions were also made by Colin Relihan, associate in the Africa division, Andrea Holley and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager, provided production assistance.

Human Rights Watch wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the wide support provided in and outside Uganda by members of human rights organizations, including the Human Rights and Peace Center (HURIPEC), Human Rights Focus (HURIFO) and the Foundation for Human Rights Initiatives (FHRI), former prisoners including Lawyer Mushiga Kafureeka, the donor community including Liu Institute for Global Issues, political activists, members of the bar and of the media, and many Ugandans.

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April 2004