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III. Methods

This report on Thailand’s war on drugs is based on extensive interviews and documentary research conducted by Human Rights Watch researchers from February 2003 until May 2004.  In April and May 2004, Human Rights Watch researchers conducted a special field investigation to Thailand to assess the impact of the war on drugs on HIV risk and other health problems for drug users.  Interviews with drug users were arranged primarily through methadone clinics and nongovernmental organizations delivering services to drug users at risk of HIV.  All interviews were conducted individually and anonymously, either in Thai or with translation from Thai to English.  To protect their privacy, most current or former drug users chose not to be identified by name.  Individuals were not offered any incentives for participating and, in some cases, expressed fear of being publicly identified.  Additional interviews were conducted in English with representatives of nongovernmental organizations, donors, and the Thai government, as well as public health experts.  Documentary and legal research for this report was conducted principally through library and internet searches.  All documents cited in this report are either publicly available or on file at Human Rights Watch.

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