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This report was researched and written by Fred Abrahams, senior researcher with Human Rights Watch; Marc Garlasco, Senior Military Analyst in the Arms Division; and Darryl Li, Finberg Fellow.  It was edited by Sarah Leah Whitson, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa Division and Widney Brown, Deputy Program Director.  The report was reviewed by Wilder Tayler, Legal and Policy Director, and by Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.  Parts of this report were also reviewed by Steve Goose, Director of the Arms Division and Arvind Ganesan, Director of the Business & Human Rights Program.  Leila Hull, Associate in the Middle East and North Africa Division, provided invaluable research and production assistance.  Interns Marie Yared and Alicyn Cooley in the Middle East and North Africa Division and Sarah Davis and Javier Stark in the Arms Division provided research assistance.  Eitan Buchwall, intern in the Middle East and North Africa Division, helped prepare the production and release of the report.  Thanks also to Corinne Carey, Researcher in the U.S. Program, for legal advice.  Satellite imagery was generously provided by Space Imaging North America, Space Imaging Eurasia, Space Imaging Middle East, and Digital Globe.  Matthew McKinzie, produced the maps, photographs were taken by Marc Garlasco and Fred Abrahams. 

Human Rights Watch thanks two groups of people for their invaluable help.  First, the, victims and witnesses who gave testimony that form the report’s core.  Second, the human rights organizations in Israel and the Occupied Territories working on house demolitions and property destruction, including Adalah, B’tselem, HaMoked, al-Haq, al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.  Particular thanks go to Mohamed Abdallah, Abd al-Halim Abu Samra, Yusuf Ibrahim, and Jaber Wishah.  Adwan Adwan and Mohammed Asfour were excellent translators and guides.

At the United Nations, both UNRWA and OCHA provided very useful assistance.  Special thanks to Christer Nordahl and Maher Nasser of UNRWA for providing statistical and cartographic data.  Human Rights Watch is also grateful for the cooperation it received from the Israeli government, including Orli Gil at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maj. Noam Neuman of the IDF legal adviser’s office, Maj. Assaf Librati of the Southern Command, and Maj. Sharon Feingold and Maj. Sam Wiedermann of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

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