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II. Key Recommendations

Human Rights Watch urges the government of Pakistan to:

1. Order the immediate withdrawal of the paramilitary Pakistan Rangers from Okara district and ensure that the Pakistan Rangers and their personnel play no role relating to the conflict there or in other affected districts.

2. Investigate fully allegations of violations of Pakistani and international human rights law committed in the context of the Punjab land dispute.  Suspend all officials for whom there is prima facie evidence of misconduct.  Prosecute all officials, members of the armed forces, and police personnel implicated in serious abuses, including extra-judicial executions; kidnappings; torture; extortion; and other ill-treatment, such as “forced divorces.” 

3. Reinstate all employees of Okara Military Farms and others unfairly dismissed from employment. 

4. Withdraw immediately all criminal cases registered against farmers from the affected districts unless there is a sound factual basis for the charges or claims brought against them.  

5. Hold all detainees only in officially recognized places of detention and recognize the procedural rights of all persons detained and/or accused of crimes.  Inform the families of detained persons of their detention, and the reason for and location of the detention. 

6. Ensure that human rights organizations and journalists have free access to all affected districts and allow them to carry out investigations and fact-finding missions free from intimidation or interference by military and paramilitary authorities.  Respect press freedom and do not interfere with full and independent coverage of both past and ongoing events in the affected districts.  


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