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March 2003
Vol. 15, No. 5 (A)

Consequences of Genocide and War for Rwanda's Children
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I. Introduction

II. Recommendations

Supplementary Material
Des plaies qui ne se referment toujours pas : les conséquences du génocide et de la guerre sur les enfants rwandais
Rwanda: Youth Still Suffer from Genocide, War
Press Release, April 3, 2003
Photos from Lasting Wounds: Consequences of Genocide and War on Rwanda’s Children
More on Children's Rights
More on Rwanda

III. Background

IV. Children Attacked

V. "Justice Has Left Us": No Longer Children, Accused of Genocide

VI. Children without Parents: Victims of Abuse and Exploitation

VII. Children on the Streets

VIII. The Role of the International Community

IX. International Legal Standards



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