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ACC - Casanare Self-Defense Group

ACCU - Peasant Self-Defense Groups of Córdoba and Uraba

AUC - United Self-Defense Groups of Colombia

BCB - Bolívar Central Block

bacán, bacano - slang for cool

CODA - Operative Committee for the Abandonment of Arms

CRC - Convention on the Rights of the Child

FARC-EP - Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army

ICBF - Colombian Family Welfare Institute

ICCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross

paracos - slang for paramilitaries

pelados - children, kids

quiebrapatas - foot-breaker land mines

UC-ELN - Camilist Union-Army of National Liberation

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

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September 2003